Retirement abroad. Fighting for pensioners whose British Pensions in Australia are frozen

  Are YOU shivering ?  500,000 of us are, financially, with frozen pensions

 Yes.  Over 500,000 British pensioners who have contributed to the National Insurance Fund for most of their working lives have had their pensions frozen from the date of their emigrating to one of the old Commonwealth countries.  Australia is particularly hard hit with about 250,000 frozen pensioners.

Meanwhile another half million have been permitted to retain their full entitlements, should they choose to retire to Europe or the USA. Those who go to Europe  get Christmas bonuses and some even get winter fuel allowances.

BAPA has been fighting for the rights of Frozen Pensioners for over 25 years


The British Age Pensioner Alliance, successor to the British Australian Pensioner Association, Inc, has two main objectives.

to secure parity* of pensions from the United Kingdom Department of Work and Pensions as are pensions paid to residents of Britain and other favoured countries.

to render advice and assistance to British expatriates in Australia and elsewhere regarding UK pension matters.

*parity Definition of Uprating

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The above link will introduce you to the background of the long campaign against the freezing of State Pensions suffered by half a million Britons just because of their country of residence.

You will also be invited to take part in the campaign, fighting for justice.


The above link will lead you to a mass of useful FREE information for actual and potential British State Pensioners, including useful contact  information for Government departments etc.





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