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In which countries are pensions frozen Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa,
Most Commonwealth Countries,
Many others.
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In which countries are pensions indexed (apart from Britain) United States of America, The Philippines,
Israel, Turkey,
The European Union, including new members.
In total, nearly half of all expatriate pensioners.
How much would it cost to unfreeze pensions Less than 1% of the annual bill for pensions
What is the source of the money used to pay pensions. The National Insurance Fund, built up from member contributions, including contributions from those who are now frozen
How much money is in the NIF Enough surplus funds to unfreeze our pensions for the next 80 years
Is the NIF surplus invested Yes, mainly in gilt-edged government securities
Is there a pot of money set aside for me No. As with life insurance, funds are pooled. But that does not mean you have no right to your pension when you reach retirement age
Don't they need a reciprocal agreement before they can unfreeze No. A simple stroke of the pen could do it

Other frozen countries with many guest workers living and voting in the UK

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Antigua, St Vincent and the Grenadines, other Caribbean countries.

Many of these resident workers have voting rights, and researchers tell us that the proportion of them actually voting is higher than for British-born voters. Also, many of them have a long-term plan to retire in the country of their birth, thereby depriving them of indexation.

Here is a list of frozen and indexed countries, from DWP sources:
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